Sterling Pipe

Emitting Pipe

The most vital element for life in this world is water. Water is a precious and free gift from God for all creation and should be viewed as a gift. Day by day supply of water is rapidly shrinking. As responsible of God’s gift, we need to protect the gift of water. To protect the water, STERLING Drip Irrigation system is the best solutions.

HDPE Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinkler irrigation system is a pressurized system; it is a method of water transmission system from main water means to the gardening fields through spray tools. The system operates by forcing water under pressure through a small nozzle. Water is distributed through the sprinkler nozzle and flies through the air and falls to the ground like natural rainwater fall.

Column Pipes

STERLING Column pipes are very different materials; they share numerous advantages common to plastic piping systems. Advantage includes ease of installation, corrosion resistance, low friction loss, initial cost & longevity.

HDPE Pipes

Sterling Pipe Incorporation (SPI) is a well-known manufacturer in the industrial, municipal, agricultural/irrigation, domestic pipe markets.

Column Pipe Accessories

We, SPI are trusted name in manufacturers of CI adapter. We are a trust name in offering premium quality CI adaptors that are engineered with utmost precision.

Garden & Thunder Hose Pipes

Sterling Pipe Incorporation (SPI) is manufacturing and supplying thunder hose pipe.