HDPE Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinkler irrigation system is a pressurized system; it is a method of water transmission system from main water means to the gardening fields through spray tools. The system operates by forcing water under pressure through a small nozzle. Water is distributed through the sprinkler nozzle and flies through the air and falls to the ground like natural rainwater fall.

Sterling Sprinkler system is a distinctive irrigation system that intended to ensure maximum water saving, combining high quality, affordability and ease of installation. These sprinkler pipes are manufactured from VIRGIN H.D.P.E (High Density Poly Ethylene) granules and additives. All the products are completed out of high strength & chemical resistance engineering plastics to achieve handy satisfaction and to maintain cost economics.

Suitable crops:

Sprinkler irrigation is suited for almost all crops like Cotton, Soybean, Wheat gram, Groundnut pulse as well as Vegetables.

Suitable slopes:

Sprinkler irrigation is adaptable to any farmable slope, whether uniform or undulating.

Suitable soils:

Sprinklers are best suited to sandy soils with high infiltration rates although they are adaptable to most soils.

In sprinkler system there is mainly two type of jointing System.

1) Butt Fusion Jointing:

This technique consists of heating end surface of Pipes & fittings by holding them against a heated plate, removing the plate when the proper melt is obtained, promptly fetching the ends together and allowing the joint to cool while maintaining the appropriate applied force.

2) Electro Fusion Jointing:

In this technique an electric resistance element is incorporated in pipe & fitting, which is connected to an appropriate power supply, at the same time a frictional movement of pipe in to fittings melts and fuss the materials of the pipe and fitting together.


  • Male
  • Female
  • Tee
  • Elbow
  • End cap
  • Foot Batten
  • Nozzle
  • Rubber Ring