Column Pipes

STERLING Column pipes are very different materials; they share numerous advantages common to plastic piping systems. Advantage includes ease of installation, corrosion resistance, low friction loss, initial cost & longevity.

STERLING Column Pipes are manufactured by a compound made from polyvinyl chloride and best quality of polymer additives and processing materials to enhance the strength of column pipe

Easy Installation:
STERLING Column pipes are light in weight (Approximately one-half the weight of aluminum and one-sixth the weight of steel) reducing transportation, handling and installation cost. Column pipe have smooth, seamless interior walls. No special tools are required for cutting. Column pipe materials can be installed without using the solvent cementing joining technique.

STERLING Column Pipes are highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and high impact strength.

Freedom from toxicity, odors, tastes:
STERLING Column pipes are non toxic, odorless and tasteless. PVC pipes have been listed by the national sanitation foundation for use with potable water.

Corrosion free External and internal:
With many other pipe materials, slight corrosion may occur. The corroded particles can contaminate the pipe fluid, complicating further processing, or causing bad taste, odors or discoloration. This is particularly undesirable when the piped fluid is for domestic consumption. With STERLING column pipes there are no corrosive by products, therefore no contamination of the piped fluid.

Immunity to Galvanic or Electrolytic Attack:
STERLING Column pipes are inherently immune to galvanic or electrolytic action. They can be used underground, underwater, in the presence of metals, and can be connected to metals.

Low Friction Loss:
The smooth interior surfaces of STERLING Column pipes assure low friction loss and high flow rate. Additionally, since STERLING column pipe will not rust, pit, scale, or corrode, the high flow rate will be maintained for the life of the piping system.

Low Thermal Conductivity:
STERLING Column pipe have a much lower thermal conductivity factor than metal pipe. Therefore, fluids being piped maintain a more constant temperature. In most cases, pipe insulation is not required.

Maximum benefit at low Cost:
STERLING column pipes are available in 3 meter length. Due to this required length of pipe can be installed on the basis of depth of availability of water.

Technical Specification of uPVC Column pipes
Technical Spec
Note: (Technical Specifications are for reference and not forming a part of terms and conditions offered. It may very within tolerance limits)

STERLING column pies are designed by mainly biaxial oriented and thick thin process in which have Square thread Systems.

Biaxial Orientation for High Impact Strength:

The substantial increase in strength properties, which results from biaxial orientation is shown by the stress rupture regression line shown in figure-a.

STERLING column pipes are manufacturing by Bi-Axial technology during extrusion process to occupy high impact strength thereby any breakage in pipe is quite less is shown in figure-b.


Square Thread:

STERLING column pipes have specially designed square threaded Both end of pipe as well as Coupler therefore pulling load capacity Is excellent even under deep bore wells.


Rubber Ring:

Specially Designed Rings are used for Seal & Grip which Provides 100% Leak Proof System and also Absorbs Vibration of the pumps.

Clean pipe thread with pure water. Do not use oil / grease on thread.
Use pump guard / bottom adaptor (mail thread) with pump and tight.
Fit male thread immediately after pump guard / bottom adaptor and then male.
Apply pipe clamp.
Use top adaptor.